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# Impact

Branding, if done right, is such a complex multi-faceted process that creats a strong and consistent brand identity that also has credibility. The main purpose of this process is to encourage the consumer to use the product offered. The branding process includes creating a logo, choosing a color palette, using a suitable typography. Every brand delivers a message to a target audience that should be well specified to reach its goals. Specifying the brand personality is very crucial to determine the tone and the voice used to communicate the message. To create an effective successful brand design, the designer should do proper research, consider the target audience then creates a brand strategy. A successful brand design should be unique, creative, and able to deliver the message to the appropriate audience.
I think that the Apple logo design created by Rob Janoff is one of the most successful designs that was known to be simple, creative, and innovative. Janoff explained that the bite taken from the apple represent knowledge that the users get out of the computer. This logo guides graphic designers that a simple design may communicate the message better in a clear and easy way.

To conclude, the primary purpose of branding is to create a trustworthy reliable identity that induces an emotional connection between the brand and the customers, subconsciously gravitating them towards using the products and resonating with their identity.


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