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# Examples

After experiencing and working on the different specialisms of graphic design, I realized that my interests peak towards certain specialisms more than other. Branding design, print design, animation design and publishing design is more fascinating and captivating to me, specially branding design, with print design being a runner up. The branding design focuses on the visual identity of the product and send a message to a target audience through creating a visual identity to a brand from the logo to the choice of colors and typography to create something persuasive and recognizable. The branding design is specialized in promoting a product to make it unique and distinctive from its logo, its slogan, its campaign and its visuals. The branding agencies are focusing on creativity to promote the brand in a memorable and unique way.

There are many notable branding agencies in Egypt whose work I enjoy following and learning from. Some examples include Go Brand (, Tusk branding agency (, Tandem branding ( and AZ-Studios ( As there are a great deal of excellent and capable agencies who excel in digital marketing and branding choosing the right agency can be challenging. The client must consider a number of factors to ensure that they are choosing the agency that is best fit for their project, qualified and has the expertise to execute their vision and build their identity.


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