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# Context

Branding is of the essence as it gives the product its identity and establishes a relationship with the client. In modern days, branding plays a vital role in all aspects of marketing.
A day in the life of a graphic designer is packed with numerous hours of brainstorming, thinking, planning, organizing, and working in order to put together a vision and notice all the miniscule details that help bring that artistic and creative idea that can attract the audience. The graphic designer must have an observant eye that is able to interpret the small of details and cease all opportunities to come up with a visual identity for the brand according to its target audience.
A graphic designer faces many challenges as he is always under pressure, from being able to deal with his clients and coming up with new ideas that reaches what they target to be creative and come up with new ideas till he finishes and delivers his work on time.
To conclude, I believe that branding and graphic design is in very high demand due to the fact that it adds indispensable value for both the clients and for the audience.


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