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# Context

Branding is of the essence as it gives the product its identity and establishes a relationship with the client. In modern days, branding plays a vital role in all aspects of marketing.
A day in the life of a graphic designer is packed with numerous hours of brainstorming, thinking, planning, organizing, and working in order to put together a vision and notice all the miniscule details that help bring that artistic and creative idea that can attract the audience. The graphic designer must have an observant eye that is able to interpret the small of details and cease all opportunities to come up with a visual identity for the brand according to its target audience.
A graphic designer faces many challenges as he is always under pressure, from being able to deal with his clients and coming up with new ideas that reaches what they target to be creative and come up with new ideas till he finishes and delivers his work on time.
To conclude, I believe that branding and graphic design is in very high demand due to the fact that it adds indispensable value for both the clients and for the audience.


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# Examples

After experiencing and working on the different specialisms of graphic design, I realized that my interests peak towards certain specialisms more than other. Branding design, print design, animation design and publishing design is more fascinating and captivating to me, specially branding design, with print design being a runner up. The branding design focuses on the visual identity of the product and send a message to a target audience through creating a visual identity to a brand from the logo to the choice of colors and typography to create something persuasive and recognizable. The branding design is specialized in promoting a product to make it unique and distinctive from its logo, its slogan, its campaign and its visuals. The branding agencies are focusing on creativity to promote the brand in a memorable and unique way.

There are many notable branding agencies in Egypt whose work I enjoy following and learning from. Some examples include Go Brand (, Tusk branding agency (, Tandem branding ( and AZ-Studios ( As there are a great deal of excellent and capable agencies who excel in digital marketing and branding choosing the right agency can be challenging. The client must consider a number of factors to ensure that they are choosing the agency that is best fit for their project, qualified and has the expertise to execute their vision and build their identity.


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# Impact

Branding, if done right, is such a complex multi-faceted process that creats a strong and consistent brand identity that also has credibility. The main purpose of this process is to encourage the consumer to use the product offered. The branding process includes creating a logo, choosing a color palette, using a suitable typography. Every brand delivers a message to a target audience that should be well specified to reach its goals. Specifying the brand personality is very crucial to determine the tone and the voice used to communicate the message. To create an effective successful brand design, the designer should do proper research, consider the target audience then creates a brand strategy. A successful brand design should be unique, creative, and able to deliver the message to the appropriate audience.
I think that the Apple logo design created by Rob Janoff is one of the most successful designs that was known to be simple, creative, and innovative. Janoff explained that the bite taken from the apple represent knowledge that the users get out of the computer. This logo guides graphic designers that a simple design may communicate the message better in a clear and easy way.

To conclude, the primary purpose of branding is to create a trustworthy reliable identity that induces an emotional connection between the brand and the customers, subconsciously gravitating them towards using the products and resonating with their identity.


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A graphic designer must have various technical skills at their disposal to successfully perform within this specialism. Looking for an intern job, employers always ask for high skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Sometimes, they also require Aftereffect skills and a good knowledge of typography. These are all skills that a graphic designer should be exceedingly qualified in as they are essential to execute the client’s vision.

They also look for designers that can develop new visual concepts and who are visually talented. Communication and collaboration skills are also very valuable. Time management and a sense of responsibility are necessary.
When it comes to myself, I invest a lot of time and effort into developing my technical skills, which I believe are great, however, I need to develop my communication skills more as it is an area I can sometimes lack in. I’m also self-motivated, proactive, and highly responsible.


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